Let your kids get messy in the kitchen....without the mess!

I set up ATTB whilst working as a nanny in London. To me cooking and baking was and is an enjoyable pastime, as well as a necessary life skill. Naively I thought everyone felt the same. Not so. I came to realise there was a growing disconnection to food and its provenance, and how to cook in general. I began teaching my charges the joys of cooking and was inundated with requests for private classes and birthday parties. When I moved to Northamptonshire 8 years ago I decided to set up similar clubs and classes, which have been very successful.

Did you know that encouraging children to cook, inadvertently gives them other life skills?

For instance: 

Weighing, reading and measuring contribute to numeracy and literacy skills

Handling ingredients and kitchen equipment improves motor skills

Helps assess risks and learn to listen to instructions

Introduces them to new foods and their origins, encourages them to TRY THEM so broadening and improving their palate

Helps them to learn to share, wait their turn and work as a team

Learn the benefits of keeping a tidy work area AND clear up after themselves! (Admittedly this is a work in progress!!)

Whatever their age, cooking is a valuable life skill to learn, as well as lots of fun.

I look forward to cooking with you soon,